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Located in Toledo, PR, Aquafit is a swimming school and gym with 3 locations. In 2013, they won the Prêmio MPE BRASIL (Award), becoming a management reference for gyms throughout Brazil.

Description: With an impertinent view of the market, AQUAFIT realized they needed to create an app that would allow greater mobility for the students, who used totems spread around the gym to see their next exercise as part of their workout routine.

With this initial goal in mind we incorporated the need to make this application to be used as a guide in the process of conducting the student's goal, not only for his/her exercises, but for their quality of life and physical attributes, because we know that the use of an app needs to be habitual, linking the delivery of a service while solving a problem, keeping the brand in mind as a competitive differentiator. 

An application not limited only to the gym network. Thus, a new business aspect emerges for the company: the PERSONAL CLUB BRASIL app.


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