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Outbreak Nutrition


How do you stand out in a saturated supplement market visually dominated by the stereotypical bodybuilder image?


Meet Outbreak Nutrition, a post-apocalyptic themed supplement company found in 2016 offering high-quality supplements to help you not just survive the struggles of the day but destroy them.

Even though Outbreak had a unique product, they were launching into a highly competitive market and would need to develop a distinct voice and story in order to stand out from the countless other supps on the shelves.

Outbreak Nutrition reached out to BUSSOLA to build a complete brand strategy and identity platform that would drive awareness and encourage an active and loyal brand audience to consider buying their products.

From using tons of curse words (brand messaging) to unique visual design and content production, we created an 18+ platform that was inspired by Outbreak's commitment to delivering a no-BS product line aligning with the audience's desires.

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Welcome to the new world.

Influenced by a-not-so-distant a post-apocalyptic world, BUSSOLA set out to create a stimulating storyline, guaranteeing that the survival attitude of Outbreak Nutrition was carried throughout the brand's channels. 

We knew visual media was going to be a huge ally in conveying the brand story, so we set out to create a unique illustrated web series that collectively presented the brand position, immersing the fans in intriguing stories and scenarios while presenting the line of supplements and its benefits.

The fictional story and its characters gave us the flexibility to reach a broader audience while integrating video, illustration, rich media, social and email marketing automation that delivered sensational engagement from "Survivors" (subscribers) guaranteeing that Outbreak stood out from the rest of the pack.


A consumer-centric authentic platform

The illustrated series gave the brand a free platform to mix short stories and informational content in unusual formats, educating the "survivors", a key role in building trust and loyalty, while interacting with these consumers in meaningful ways.

Through a mix of channels and media, we extended Outbreak's influence beyond just the buying stage, entertaining fans and delivering an overall positive consumer experience.


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