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Everything seemed to be in place, however several issues were identified that prevented BIO C from reaching its goals


BIO C is a cosmetic brand with a well-defined mission: to always be close to its customers, to understand them, and to deliver products that lead to beauty and well-being to both professionals and consumers.

The regional brand hoped to operate on a larger scale, so they created an e-commerce department and started a digital marketing campaign targeting the everyday consumer. Everything seemed to be in place, however several issues were identified that prevented BIO C from reaching its goals.


Through our methodology, we found that the online store had a good number of hits and a conversion rate consistent with market indicators, but its revenue did not offset operating costs. For this reason, we conducted a feasibility analysis that included market research and reached 2 conclusions:

1 – To generate revenue from their target group, there would be a need for a higher investment than originally expected, with an estimated return in 2 ½ years. As a regional company, they would need to invest a lot in branding efforts.

2 – The average order value in relation to shipping prices often caused e-Commerce users to abandon the cart.

In response, through our process of research and exploration, we restructured the brand’s communication, drawing insights from the commercial model already in place and defined their objective to reach estheticians and other professionals in the aesthetics industry. This increased the average ticket per order such that shipping costs would not be an issue.

In addition, these professionals would use BIO C products as part of their services, generating additional income through direct sales to their clients. This turned estheticians and others professional in the industry into brand evangelizers, allowing us to work together to create a connection with the mass consumer market.

To attract this audience, we identified a market gap in the digital segment. We turned to the growing online education market, focusing on technical courses for estheticians and created a rich media content channel to further educate these professionals and keep them informed of the industry's latest trends and protocols.

This is how the BIO C Aesthetics Channel (Canal da Estética) emerged, a gamification platform featuring content exclusively for this audience to attract more targeted traffic, as well as turn customers into excited advocates and promoters by continuing to deliver value post purchase. 


· In the first 90 days, over 1500 new professionals registered for the platform.

· The Average Cost per Lead was just over a $1 (R$3.75).

· Return on investment: 7 Months.

· The Platform became part of the brand's product offering and an important tool for the sales department.

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